• Helikon, named after the home of the muses, is a multidisciplinary academic journal. We provide a publishing platform for college students and postgraduates as well as an opportunity for readers to look beyond the boundaries of their own areas of study.

    Like many new publications, Helikon was founded out of the need to fill a gap and generate new perspectives: Helikon is characterized by a plurality of approaches that not only coexist but do so in dynamic exchange.

    In regard to content, right from the start there was general consensus on the focus of this academic journal. Defining the publication format took considerably longer. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that only a quickly available, highly compatible, open access format could meet our demands.

    Similar to the antique hill of the muses, Helikon combines different disciplines. As depicted in our logo, the topic of each issue arises and is examined from different viewpoints. This theoretical basis is not to be considered as an exclusive and closed circle, but can be expanded into numerous fields of academics. Thus, Helikon offers an intensive and detailed multidisciplinary exchange about global matters, historical issues and contemporary society.

    Contrary to the inaccessible hill of the muses or a merely interdisciplinary exchange, Helikon allows a real plurality of methods and theories: a productive eclecticism. Instead of the interdisciplinary slogan “more academics equals more knowledge,” we hope that each single area of research will outgrow its boundaries.

    Part of our open approach is that Helikon will publish articles in German as well as in English. As a multidisciplined online release, Helikon can distinguish itself from other publication platforms for college students, graduates and young academics.

    The articles are divided into three categories and are accordingly labeled: “Title,” “Basic” and “Detail”. “Title” denotes articles and essays directly connected to the magazine’s theme, “Basic” labels articles that introduce or summarize a certain topic, and “Detail” refers to articles that cover one particular topic extensively.

    The magazine is published annually.

    Welcome to the free multidisciplinary online journal Helikon named after the domicil of the muses. aim to offer students and junior researchers a puclication platform and to offer the reader the chance to take a view beyond the nose of his or her field. The first issue will be titled “revolutions and turns” is subdivided into the three parts “Dramatics, Music and Opera”, “Literature and Philosophy” and “Speech and Language”. The articles are either basic introductory articles or more detailted articles with or without regard to the title. These three different types of articles are highlighted in the table of contents either with “basic“, “detail“ or “title“. The journal will appear once a year.